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Vintage Brass Charms & Pendants

Vintage brass charms and pendants and loads of jewelry making ideas that we used vintage brass in.

Jewelry Making Idea: Maiden in the Moon Earrings (

Jewelry Making Idea: Maiden in the Moon Earrings

Jewelry Making Idea: Vintage Woodland Faerie Earrings (

Jewelry Making Idea: Vintage Woodland Faerie Earrings

59137 Vintage Small Twisting Leaf Drop This twisting leaf drop has an art deco feel and has lots of detail. This charm would look adorable used in multiples on a charm bracelet. Our vintage brass charms have a rich, dark brown color and are stamped out of lead free brass in the USA.

59136 Vintage Closed Fern Frond This vintage brass fern frond has one hole at the top and is loaded with detail. Use this charm in multiples to give the feeling of a forest floor. Pair it with our open fern charm also.

59135 Vintage Open Flower Drop What a dainty little flower! This open flower drop has an opening in the center of the flower and also one at the top of the drop. The curved stem gives the charm a feeling of movement or twisting. Use multiples of this charm in a bracelet or necklace or highlight this drop in a pair of earrings. Can be used with our vintage brass rivets.

59134 Vintage Double Leaf Drop This double leaf drop has two very detailed leaves dropping at an angle from each other. Use this in earring designs for a spring feel. Our vintage brass charms have a rich chocolate finish and are lead free brass.

Jewelry Making Idea: Vintage Illuminated Bib Necklace (

Jewelry Making Idea: Vintage Illuminated Bib Necklace

59097 Vintage Feather Tulip Bead Cap These vintage brass bead caps are one of our bestsellers! These distinctive pieces feature a feather tulip design that can be opened into four separate petals. Use them as bead caps for large rounds, as bead cones for multi-strand designs, or try two in dangling earrings.

Vintage Feather Tulip Bead Cap

14805 Vintage Open Circles Bead Caps, 10 Bead caps add a touch of metal to any bead you put them on. These vintage brass bead caps have a geometric design of open circles in two different sizes throughout each piece. These bead caps would fit 8mm or 10mm size beads.

59050 Vintage Four Point Filigree With such ornate details, its hard to imagine this piece would need any extra embellishment. However, with all of the cut-outs on each of the four point petals, it is a breeze to customize into an opulent focal. As with all of our vintage brass, it is lead-free and crafted in the USA.

59020 Vintage Decorative Dragonfly Pendant This vintage brass dragonfly pendant features a lightweight design with spectacular detail. Our chocolate brown patina enhances the wonderful floral motif on two sets of wings and a thin, finely crafted abdomen. Use this as the focal of a necklace or gently wrap it around a beautiful gemstone. This piece is lead-free and made in the USA.

59018 Vintage Swirling Dragonfly Pendant Our vintage brass swirling dragonfly is not only extremely detailed, he is finished with a lovely chocolate patina plating. Surely it is an interesting focal or pendant, but this piece is very versatile. The wings can be bent and wrapped around a large gemstone, the tail can be bent to form a bail and so on. You can even embellish cards or scrapbooks with this one-sided cutey!

59129 Vintage Feather Filigree We absolutely love this piece! This vintage brass filigree has the look of a swirling feather. There are circles throughout that you could have beads dropping from. Use this as a focal or make a dramatic pair of earrings.

59085 Vintage Maiden in the Moon Pendant Forget the man in the moon; you'll be amazed by the beauty of this maiden in the moon pendant! This vintage brass piece is crafted in the USA from lead-free brass and depicts a lounging beauty in a crescent. Use this single-sided pendant as the focal in a necklace or purchase a pair for earrings.

59065 Vintage Tiny Acorn Charm This teeny vintage brass acorn charm is the essence of autumn. Cluster a few together in a pair of earrings or dangle them from any bracelet for a delightfully rustic touch. This charm is single-sided.

59036 Vintage Tiny Dragonfly Garden Charm One is never enough of these adorable garden charms! This tiny disc features a miniature dragonfly in flight in a serene pond setting. Dangle one from a charm bracelet or cluster a few in a pair of springtime earrings.

59122 Vintage Tiny Catalpa Heart Leaf Charm This tiny catalpa leaf charm has a full heart shape and life-like detailing. It is USA crafted from lead free brass and finished with an exquisite chocolate patina color. Add this little charm to any design for a touch of nature.