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Emily Davis

Emily Davis

20, Florida. This is my idealized life.

My response to Pinterest's decision to hire David Rubin, the man behind the incredibly sexist Axe bodyspray advertisements, as brand manager.

  • Lianne Williams

    I appreciate advertising his job. He's supposed to appeal to a certain demographic and I feel it's more disturbing the consumer enjoys it rather then the brand reinforcing it. With that in mind he must be aware he's dealing with a very female focused brand. The optimist in me is wondering if he can't create an empowering message for women with a similar focus on OUR values. If he can't then it will be the end of him.

  • Lianne Williams

    Also I doubt advertisers will ever take responsibility for the crap they spew. It's their job to appeal to current trends and society. It's not their fault, it's ours for buying..... Which is why I'm all for a boycott. I want to see what he does and if it's wrong, I'm gone. Sorry Pinterest.

  • Stephanie Rennier

    I lovvvve Pinterest because of the strong feminist air and lack of porn and negative imaging. If it changes I'm done and it will break my heart. I've been so inspired by this place and I'd hate to see it change to the crap on the rest of the internet

  • Violet Molotov

    I'm with you people on that. Pinterest is honestly the only platform where I feel safe compared to facebook, tumblr... It will be pretty disheartening knowing that, even if women are the majority, they are willing to alienate them in order to increase their market.

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