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"Rosina"--Rosina Ferrara (1861–1934) an Italian girl from the island of Capri, who became the favorite muse of American expatriate artist John Singer Sargent//

A printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable!-This is so cool!

Anchor Key Chain Hand Stamped Brass by StephieMc on Etsy, $14.99

How to blur the background in your photos with any camera! Easy Peasy!

VACATION IDEA: Every time you go, find a rock and write a memory from that trip.

Memorial Jewelry. Your loved one's hand writing imprinted on a piece of jewelry. Beautiful.

LOVE this idea... It's a daily calendar that is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day like, "(Child's name) took her first steps." Imagine how neat it would be in 10 years.

Three lenses to use with your cell phone (any cell phone). They attach with a magnetic ring. Come in fisheye, telephoto, and wide/macro. $50.00 for all three.

Collect your guy's favorite drinks and surprise him with these DIY coasters.

Sound wave bracelets. You record saying something, send it to the company, and they make a bracelet, representing the sound wave of it. So cool!

print washed out pictures onto lined paper for writing letters. to create washed out pictures, copy paste a picture onto word, select format picture, select picture, then under image control color dropdown box, select washout. print and write your letter! Brilliant.