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Insights on the Istanbul Protest of 2013

Images of Istanbul Protests of 2013

Poster announcing a protest against the Taksim Square renovation project on November 4, 2012. Seven months later, a related protest became international news.

The controversy over Taksim includes the rebuilding of the Ottoman barracks in Gezi Park as well as a plan for a mosque. The photo shows the latest model of a mosque designed for Taksim Square. In the background in white, near the architects hands, is the monument to the Republic. June 23, 2013 NY Times.

Red carnations left on the steps of Gezi Park, now occupied by police instead of protestors. The "Carnation Protest" was met by riot police. June 22, 2013.

Karanfil eylemine TOMA'lı müdahale /7 - Radikal Türkiye

Photo by Onur Korkmaz. Silhouette of protestors atop the AKM (Atatürk Cultural Center), which is also slated to be replaced by another building as part of the Taksim Square project.

Police fire canisters at head-height. This causes the most injury.

Front page of NY Times, June 17, 2013.

As with lawyers earlier, this time doctors are being arrested for helping protestors.

Riot police ready to enter Taksim. Here, the helmet numbers are visible; later, police began to conceal these numbers with tape so as not to be identified.

The Ottoman military barracks that were demolished in 1940 and are scheduled to be rebuilt in Taksim Square. A religious revolt against the 1908 Young Turk revolution was supported by regiments housed here.