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Free as a bird #tattoo (Swedish)

never a failure, always a lesson.

fluctuat nec mergitur. she is tossed by the waves but does not sink.

oh my gosh. love the placement and the irony. AHHH love. love. love.

"Feed Your Faith and Your Fears Will Starve to Death" just love it!

The tat my older sister & I just got. I’m on the left, mine says “I’ll love you forever” & hers says “I’ll like you for always.” It’s from our favorite children’s book, Love You Forever. My sister has become a huge part in my life, now that we are reunited after being separated for 14 years. I love her so much & we finally just got the chance to spend some quality sister time together down in Hawaii where she lives now…of course the first thing we have to do is go get tats together :)