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Always forgetting birthdays? Forget no more with this handy and pretty Family Birthdays reminder!

Blue Half Moon Lighted Bottle!

This is a fun summer (or Holiday) project to do! Dress up your old or new shoes with colorful & fun embroidered flower appliques! You just need a pair of clean shoes, a tube of E6000 craft glue, embroidered appliques (iron-ons are okay), and rhinestones. Just glue the appliques to the shoes, then press and hold. Then glue the rhinestones to the middle of flowers. Let glue dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before wearing. Watch how many complements you get on your new, sparkly, colorful shoes!

My Picisto Collage

Sand, primer, and paint wooden milk crates, and hang!

Rainbow fan idea! Paint each blade of your fan a different color, and when it is turned on, you will be treated with a rainbow of colors!

I'm an artist, this is a great idea! Using a shoe or clothing over-the-door storage hanging bag, you can place all your school or art supplies in tidy little pockets.

Excellent idea!

Great idea to have on your night table for those heavy books!

An interesting idea instead of painting all the way to the top. Allowing the ceiling color to come down on the walls.

Take one table, cut in half, attach to bookcase ~ great for 2 kids to do homework without bugging each other!