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Gideon Emery said he liked doing the voice for Fenris in Dragon Age II because it was the first job where they wanted him to do his natural speaking voice. And what a nice voice it is. :)

Gideon Emery - IMDb

Nolan North to play every video game character ever! (Gotta be halfway there already....)

Johnny Yong Bosch, voice of Vash the Stampede (also, blast from the past, he played the Black Power Ranger.)

Johnny Yong Bosch

Steve Blum, best known to me as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. This guy has to be the busiest voice actor in the business.

Nolan North, AKA the voice of Nathan Drake, AKA at least one character in every recent video game you own. I still can't believe that was him as Penguin in Arkham City. ♥