Context clues...This amazing internationally-acclaimed book would make a good wrap up for the end of a unit on fairytales. Students must have background knowledge of fairytales before encountering this book. This book would also make a good mentor text for teaching vocabulary. Some complex words and phrases include: Furthermore, scrabbled, illustrator, desperately, “dressed to the nines”, and “furious discussion”.

The Worst Day of My Life Ever! By Julia Cook. A Story about listening and following instructions... or not! #books

Too Much Glue Great for first day of gluing with Kinders

Chapter Books and YOUNG Children: How much time do you spending REALLY reading to your wee wonders? (Sulia article with links)

MistakesThatWorked....cause and effect lesson using this great book!

The last person to pin said: VERY helpful book to teach children about interrupting and how to keep their ideas in their brains until it's an appropriate time to share.

The wall - book recommendation from Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections blog: This is an excellent book to read to students when discussing Veteran's Day. You can click on the book image for reviews and more information.

This is a list of a great collection of books about books. Look for these titles in your school or local libraries... they're a fun way to launch ...

Which Witch Is Which (Little Golden Books) [Hardcover]

You Get What You Get and You Don't Throw a Fit! - Great to read at the beginning of the year :)

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