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I'm pretty sure I have done all or these at one point in time but I really want to do them all in one day!

That moment when you realize that you're working customer service because you can't spell or properly punctuate. I wonder if there's a quiz to make sure you're a terrible communicator before you can get a job in communications.

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diy makeup vanity OH MY GOSH!!! What a great idea! I already have one of these. Was wanting to decorate it in this style too. And was thinking of getting another anyway for my craft stuff. Which I could still do, just use the smaller drawers for my makeup.

Bourbon Street Chicken in the crock pot...seriously to die for!!!!!!!!!

Slutty brownies... OMG!!!! These are truly amazing-especially right out of the oven. media-cache4.pint... sm89 recipes that i like