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Dr. Seuss (for older kids)

Even older kids can learn valuable lessons (think character and history) from Dr. Seuss and his themes. Here are some links to begin the brainstorming.

Inspiration Dr. Seuss Wall Decor

Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration Dr. Seuss

The Divine Miss Mommy

Oh the Places We Will Go... have fun talking about what students want to be when they are older, then make look like they are flying somewhere fun with a balloon. Great fine motor activity.

Teach Them To Fly: Oh The Places We Will Go!

The Lorax Writing: If I were given the last Truffula seed...

Store: Abby-Alley -

Describe the Cat in the Hat with this circle map...for dr. Seuss week!

Jen Ross - Teacher by the Beach

Digging deeper into the Lorax

Analyzing Green Eegs and Ham...deeper meanings in business, politics, and religion

Thoughts about the deeper meanings in Seuss books--a short paragraph about each book

Dr. Seuss: The Truth Behind His Books (Melanie Mazzei)

Analyzing the deeper meanings of Dr. Seuss and writing about the parallels in their own lives

Mrs. Badgley - DrSeussDeeperMeaning

These Seuss Reading Strategy posters are sure to get your students interested in becoming better readers. It will help their comprehension because ...