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DIY Unique Weave Bracelet DIY Unique Weave Bracelet

DIY Unique Weave Bracelet DIY Projects |

Literaly this does it all ! ! ! Magnesium and fire flint toggle, Emergency whistle buckle, 14' Paracord, 3' jute fire tender, name tage is a saw, knife and a signal morror. Inside is 2 #6 fish hooks and 4 3/0 split tin fishing sinkers. The internal strands of the paracord IS the fishing line.

Doubled center stitched paracord bracelet

quick release paracord holder

Quick Release Paracord Holder

This site has a ton of great paracord projects with directions, even videos

Tutorial for a Woven and Half-hitched Paracord Pouch - having a pouch like this would be a great add-on to an emergency kit in a backpack. It will hold small items, and unravels to be about 30 feet of paracord.

The knot(s) pictured is used to created survival cord bracelets/belts that unfurl in seconds flat - just pull out the middle cord.

Macrame -