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Community Board-Social Media

Insight about all things,Internet,Social media,Mobile,Marketing,SEO,Youtube,Twitter, Facebook,Linkedin,Google,Pinterest,Blogs......... If you would like to contribute,make sure you're following me at and send your name to so you can share your pins as well. spam content will be reported.

15 Tools to Run a Giveaway

Internet Marketing Pillow Talk With Kim - catch up on the latest tips and tricks

Beyond Paper Editing: How to Improve Your Writing with Macros—Tips for B...

A satire about how weather people get a lot of money to often be wrong.

The most popular brands on social media have mastered the art of visual storytelling on Pinterest! Do you know the 9 creative ways to Visually Tell Your Brand's Story? #pinterestforbusiness #pinterestmarketing #visualstorytelling #brandstorytelling #pinterestmarketingtips

  • Alexandra Puffer

    Thanks for sharing this branding resource! May I join this group board? Thanks!

Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions

Are you tired of spending your time and hard-earned money on Facebook marketing, only to find that your posts aren't even being seen by more than 3% of your page's followers?! Yeah, I thought so. Its a pretty hot topic at the moment, you aren't alone. - Please share wide!