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How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client - Content Marketing Infographic

The most popular brands on social media have mastered the art of visual storytelling on Pinterest! Do you know the 9 creative ways to Visually Tell Your Brand's Story? #pinterestforbusiness #pinterestmarketing #visualstorytelling #brandstorytelling #pinterestmarketingtips

Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions

Are you tired of spending your time and hard-earned money on Facebook marketing, only to find that your posts aren't even being seen by more than 3% of your page's followers?! Yeah, I thought so. Its a pretty hot topic at the moment, you aren't alone. - Please share wide!

Ebook: 19 Social Media Fails That KILL Business: Bad social practices that drive customers away and sabotage sales – and how to fix them

It is time to stop the merry-go-round and regain control…avoid ADHD Marketing! Ebook: Marketing ADHD – A Entrepreneur Marketing Self Help Book for…Squirrel!

Reach is Not the Same as Influence: The Rockefeller Foundation Case Study by Hootsuite via slideshare

This week the Marketing & Media Monsters are talking about how to build big social media networks. Building and growing big social media networks is something that we know a thing or two about, considering that over our combined internet empires we have almost half a million connections.

The Marketing & Sales Success Show - The one where talk about branding and sing like Justin Timberlake!

Liz Hall aka Painspeaks is the Founder, Creator and Admin for Pain Sufferers Speak's "Multi Elements" Global Community; Blogger x3; Author; Advocate; Mom x2; Christian who respects all religions and practices unconditional love; Wifey for 19yrs; Empire Avenue as PAINSPEAKS; Founding Trust Anchor on under Liz Hall; PLUS I host Twitter Chats as @Pain Sufferers Speak as often as my pain allows at 10pm CST-USA. See my entire web presence at

Why Employers Should Stop Posting Jobs Through LinkedIn | The Sourcing Institute

5 steps boost your career with social media

Marketing & Sales Success Show LAUNCH EPISODE: The one where we get all the kinks out and spend an hour getting the party started!

'Tweet-gagged' Twitter Mute Function A tongue in cheek look at the Twitter Mute function

7 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working - Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}

The Austin Businesses tired of Yelp extortion are speaking out - Many business owners in Sacramento and around the country are frustrated with Yelp. www.buyyelpreview... Gonul Blum has been in the restaurant business for 10 years in Sacramento and said Yelp employees have cold-called her, asking her to pay for web ads on their site. "They told me if I want to have the good reviews on the top when you open the Yelp page ... I've got to advertise it." #yelpsucks

The Austin Yelp's Class Action Lawsuit The Austin Yelp's Class Action Lawsuit - Popular review site Yelp was hit with a class action lawsuit today for unfair business practices in an alleged extortion scheme. Kevin Pereira talks to Greg Weston, founder of the Weston Firm suing Yelp, to learn more about their case. #yelpsucks