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I so need to try this. When I was in the Master Gardener program we used the water crystals in planters and I knew it was the same thing in diapers, but it never crossed my mind to put a diaper in the bottom of one. Someone else said, "The trick to amazing potted plants - diapers. I did this in my hanging baskets last year and they rocked all season."

  • Regina Baxter

    I must try this!

  • Chrissie Stevens

    I had thought of this 2 years ago when my grandson was born; however I took the diaper apart & used the stuffing that I mixed in with soil - not good results. I will try a whole diaper & see if it has better results. I see a lot of "gotta try" comments, has anyone actually DONE it??

  • Jessie Hill

    will try this in my window boxes

  • Teri Steele

    yes it works wonders. Especially here in Arizona when you cant keep any soil moist

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