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Art/Craft/Things to make for the classroom

Silhouette America Blog | Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows | Fall Kids Craft

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows | Fall Kids Craft

Mrs. Jahnig's Art Room: Art Room Windows!

Mrs. Jahnig's Art Room: Art Room Windows!

Melted crayon stained glass is an awesome craft for kids. These works of art looks really great.

Having Fun at Home: An Easy Stained Glass Craft Technique

Sidewalk Squirty chalk- SO FUN, and the chalk magically changes colors as kids play! {Only 3 ingredients}

Color Changing Squirty Chalk ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

2 Ingredient Cloud Dough - happy hooligans - flour and baby oil
  • Angela Witt

    did this for science night at school. 100lbs of flour, 200 oz baby oil and 3 baby pools. It was a huge hit with the kids- not for admin when they had to have my carpets professionally cleaned because the baby oil and flour soaked into the carpet leaving and wet flour/oily residue. Def use a tarp.

This could serve as an idea for a bulletin board or a decorating idea. Go with the idea of Van Gogh's art and have each resident craft a flower for a pot. Get permission from each person to hang them up on the bulletin board or on the walls to create a fresh, personal look. This would be a good way to look towards spring as well.

Dirt dough looks and feels just like dirt, but it is moldable, germ free and CLEAN! You only need two ingredients to make it, too! {Great for playing with cars and trucks, pretend bug hunts, small world construction sites, etc}

Dirt Dough Recipe for Play ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Take the clear plastic beads you can get from any craft store for a few dollars. Place in any size pie plate or metal vessel in one layer, and into the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Presto! Punch a hole, string on a rope and you have an instant, pretty sun catcher.

This woman developed an easy recipe for a sculptural material she calls “paper mache clay.” This material is so easy to use and so easy to make that you can use it exclusively for all your paper mache sculptures as well as other clay projects (the secret ingredient is toilet paper!)