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1913 - Packing Your Prophylactic: Before the term became exclusively used for condoms, toothbrushes were often advertised as prophylactics.

The Rummage Drawer: Salve, Tonics, Liniments, Snake Oils, & Elixir.

1913 Vintage Ad White Cross Vibrator Chair

Howard's sure cure for the blues; 1899

Before Prohibition: Images from the preprohibition era when many psychotropic substances were legally available in America and Europe Benzedrine (racemic amphetamine) inhalers were available over-the-counter until the early 1950s. Some airlines even gave them out to passengers to minimize discomfort when the plane was landing and taking off. The Smith, Kline, and French advertisement proudly proclaims that over 10 million Benzedrine inhalers had been shipped by 1938

Vintage Zenith Ad - 1943

Tickle Deodorant -Oh holy crap, I remember this stuff from when I was a kid. It looked like THE FUTURE OF ARMPITS

How shall I tell my daughter?, 1954. Give her a giant box of pads, and then turn away in shame.