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Have you ever wanted to fist bump Tom Hiddelston? Oh my gosh, this is making me way too excited. GIF

here is a photo of a turtle being tickled with a tooth brush. you're welcome.

Me when I see dogs

Me when I see dogs

i wanna have a drink with this guy. @Emfeland

Extremely Photogenic Dog

Lol really just basketball for me :/

Whenever I’m watching sports…


Speak English... - The Meta Picture that alligator!

Kids who totally suck at playing hide and seek

Being a penguin…

Being a penguin…

Let penguin show you, he knows the way.

Let me show you the penguin way…

Hahahhah..... Still laughing!!! Pahaha

Minions of darkness


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics


30 Funny animal captions - part 7 (30 pics) | Amazing Creatures

Haha That's exactly what Boomer does when I go away, after he covers me in kisses cuz he missed me.

I laughed so hard at this one