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The Duggar's House Rules - while we didn't use all of them - I found it helpful to learn what others had for rules.

The Duggar's House Rules - Women Living Well

How I get my kids to clean their room: 8 simple battle strategies. One mom's battle to get her kids to keep their room clean, and the 8 strategies that have worked for her.

Descriptive words I want to print this out and pin it above my desk.

A writers best friend.

So Genius! 20 creative chore charts for kids! Via Somewhat Simple

12 Ways to Teach Kids How to Be More Grateful and Giving. It's not just you. We all want our kids to be more grateful. But this material world is all about living large. Kids get the message from TV, pop music, even in the toy aisle. Here's the good news: Taming their "gimmies" -- and turning them into givers -- is easier than you think. Here's how.

I really liked this list (a reminder that kids can do more)

I love this money system for kids. It comes from the book "The Entitlement Trap" by Richard and Linda Eyre. Best parenting book ever.

restitution... Restitution consequences encourage personal responsibility and usually end with one child feeling cared for and the other feeling caring. This is a great read!

Have you ever wondered how to pray for your children? Where do you begin as a parent? Use this as a guide, but also ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. kidsinministry.or...

Saying "This is how I contribute to my family" instead of calling them "chores". Links to FREE Downloadable Chore Chart you can personalize.

Sutton Grace: chore charts

Calming Jar- Tell the child that he/she needs a break and may return when everything has settled to the bottom of the jar. Perfect