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Eliza Day

Eliza Day

I am Me! I'm a one of a kind. I own my own business' and I help change peoples lives. Life is good.

I've met a few like this. I've pushed each one away

Penny Simkin on Delaying Cord Clamping. She shows how much of his/her own blood your baby may NOT be receiving!! It is very important to inform and request of healthcare providers (including non-emergent Cesareans). There are many diseases and immunological benefits in waiting for the cord to stop pulsating! Ask your Dr./Midwife about waiting.

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A game to teach pretty sure Lexi would just walk around and kick everything. She does not sit still!

Love me for who I am. i love this.. i would get that quote. make sure certain people read it everyday

if you're gonna be a bitch, you might as well be a skinny bitch ;)

Anxiety Cat. This is how I feel EVERY TIME I have to call someone for work...which is a lot.