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Sherlock Holmes <3

Beautiful. Sherlock art. Classic Falls of Reichenbach coupled with Andrew Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dying for season 3. The trailer made the wait worse!!! Dying I tell you!

Brilliant combination of Sherlock and Pratchett, all the props to the person who made this!

“In a world of locked doors the man with the key is king, and honey you should see me in a crown.”

Sherlock and John. Oh doctor, your face...

Such an amazing line from A Study in Pink.

How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction. AHHHHH! I've been looking for this pin for ages!

Sherlock and John. The positions are so epic

The gameplay itself is what you would expect. You point. You click. The key is to knowing what to choose. Do you have to click on something in your inventory first to use on something in your environment? Is there a puzzle to solve? Will you need to click on something first before clicking on something else? There is a challenge in figuring out how the pieces of each scene fit together, and I’ll admit, I found myself stumped upon occasion. I enjoyed the challenge the game presented to me.

"I'm going to frame this and put it in my office, and people will see it and say "Oh, Breanna, what a lovely, artistic photo you have there!" and I will just giggle to myself, because Sherlock is awesome." LOL, thank you previous pinner. Fantastic idea.

Sherlock Makes Some Detectives Out of Idiots by *Kataws on deviantART

Omg, i love the video some did of this on youtube but i've never pinned this!