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Elizabeth Becht

Elizabeth Becht

I am a wife, mother and speech language pathologist.

Ants in Your Pants song-great for brain break.

Snowmen, hand painted wood

Life is sacred. . .

You're Kind of Awesome by *sebreg on deviantART

stained glass windows painted by Marc Chagall in the early 1970s depicting events from the old and new testament; Nice, France

Stone fireplace

The right words are important.

HUGE CyberMonday and Bonus Tuesday Sale for educational resources!! Definite must for building resources.

All my pets are "second-hand" and loved!

  • Natalie Dumas-Heidt

    Dede - you obviously read from the compassionate edition.

  • Nicole Cardin

    Wow. This whole argument is disgusting. The left & right look at things differently and that is their right to do that. But going after each other so nastily is exactly why both sides can end up with a bad wrap. So how about everyone just allows the other to have their own opinions and battle it out during elections? I'm personally pro-life & against the government having anything to do with anything regarding my health, but unfortunately it's the way things are right now. But I DO NOT feel the need to sit here and constantly argue my points to people who have the exact opposite feelings on the matter. People just need to remember to be more accepting that everyone is not like them.

  • Natalie Dumas-Heidt

    Megan - since you've resorted to name calling you may as well finish with the rest of your points and make commenting at all at least look valid.

  • Dede Fisher

    Natalie I do : ) us we them Jesus hung out with the needy the sinful ...the lines ones concerned the MINE the money he despised. Forgive them they know not what they do. But if it's about my money to pay for your fill in the blank ur on the wrong side in my opinion

  • Autumn Negron

    Dede, I'm sorry but Jesus would not happily be supporting abortions. Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. I am told to give from the heart, which I gladly do. I have NO love for money. My problem is when money is involuntarily taken from me in support of things that are contrary to my faith.

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Preschool calendar

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