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precious baby angels

Way too cute!!

Typical Little Tikes playhouse painted with rustoleum spray paint. Too cute! Looks so much better! Perfect for those dingy yard sale finds!

Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide! by thecontemplativecreative: Yes! #DIY #Slide

Memory Boxes - Great idea to organize kids paperwork, school work, pictures, etc

Like the mint and purple! Ooooo

Take large square boxes, add paint colors and letters vertically to spell child's name, insert storage cubes/baskets on inside for baby's stuff- adorable, crafty, space saver & organizer! (glue or nail in place so they can't tip over)

Cute Idea: YEARLY INTERVIEWS 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. What is your mom’s name? 4. What does your mom do during the day? 5. What is your dad’s name? 6. What does your dad do during the day? 7. What is your favorite color? 8. What is your favorite thing to eat? (what don’t you like to eat?) 9. Who are your friends? 10. What is your favorite song? Can you sing it for me? 11. What is your sister’s name? (this is fun because they don’t always say the name correctly- for example...

Do the road with magnetic paint and add magnets to the cars...

someday i'll be the cool mom who shows her kids how to make one of these. :) Under the table hammock

beautiful chic baby room

Bathtub Divider. Saves so much water!

For pants that are too short but the waist still fits...

I wish I would had thought of this years ago! Love the tooth receipt so you can remember when they lost them. Need to remember this!.

Great idea for a CHANGING TABLE.....Don't waste money on something you won't be able to use once they're older. Quick conversion.

Pillowcase Dress

amazing thanksgiving bow and onsie

To announce baby is on the way

Hospital visitors onesie.

Love the built in changing table that will later become a desk....Genius!!! And the elegance and color scheme is timeless!

Great idea for when I am preggers in the long future !

How cute would this be for football season!

They made big puzzles out of this picture and gave it to their family members to open on Christmas morning. The most awesome birth announcement I've come across yet!