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Radiology & X-ray Humor

Funny stuff related to x-ray, radiology and the medical imaging industry.

30 Pins

Radiology & X-ray Humor

  • 30 Pins

I wonder if kids really think that when they're in the Pigg-O-Stat....

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone! Be Safe!

May the good things of life be yours in abundance, not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year! Eljay Xray Thanks You!

Happy Monday Everyone!

National Radiologic Technology Week® is celebrated annually to recognize the vital work of R.T.s across the nation. The celebration takes place each November to commemorate the anniversary of the x-ray's discovery by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on Nov. 8, 1895. The week-long celebration calls attention to the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in patient care and health care safety.

Just wanted to thank all of our Radiology Technnican's out there! Your hard work is appreciated! Thank you!

Pretty funny

Does this happen in your facility? Please share your story.

  • Sarah Helm

    I always tell my patients that our facility believes in Image Wisely. If they have any questions they can go to that website.

How many of you ever felt like doing this at work???





Fake X-ray, cool concept!

x ray

xrays... whoooaa

Radiology Humor

Topics in Radiography

Has this ever happened to you?

Should we start selling these?


CAT scan

When doin' it wrong is fatal

Kermit gets bad news....

Lucky for Ed, this is starting to become a thing of the past...