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Use a colandar to dry Cake Pops without getting that 'flat side" need to buy special tools!

How to Make Fresh Strawberries Last Longer :-)

closet storage! flip flops totally don't need to take up space on shoe racks.

Coconut Oil vs Antibiotic Induced Diaper Rash - Our 10 day Trial. I wish I had known this years ago.

  • Jamie Kathleen

    I use this all the time. If a diaper rash is really bad I rub it with coconut oil and sprinkle corn starch on top. That will clear it up very quickly without the burning of a cream

  • Leah Mooter

    Oh great thank you! Emma gets them really bad so I am always looking for a way to clear them up quick

Free virtual envelope app for iPhone & Android. Solves the issue of one spouse not knowing how much they can spend because they don't have the cash envelopes with them. Works beautifully with Dave Ramsey's plan.

a great way to serve salad at an outdoor party! No BUGS!

No more "I-won't-take-my-medicine" wars! This everyday sippy cup has a brilliant secret: a hidden medicine dispenser inside! When your child requires medication, just fill it as needed, snap it in place, and let your child's favorite beverage mask the taste. Beats diluting medications directly, because you can see exactly how much medication your child consumes. Invented by a doctor dad for his own children.