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forget the tribe of indigenous people this women belongs to. the tribe wears plugs in their nostrils in such a way it disfigures their nostrils. It was originally done to scare of potential rival tribesmen and the like

Jie Tribe - Southern Sudan. A word on Sudan, a vast majority of the women and young girls about 96-99% of them have all be victims of FGM (female genital mutilation, ranging from removal to partial removal of inner and outer labial lips, clitoris or both. Horrendous these poor women must suffer such unnecessary atrocities, and for what? The cost of their society and cultural norms. Stop FGM.

Maori Tattoo

  • Geri Shallcross-Kendall

    danielle, now that I have repinned all of the BEAUTIFUL faces from around the world that you have pinned, I feel like I should invite you over for coffee, we should hook up my computer to our large flat screen TV, eat cupcakes and discuss what we love about each and every picture! and I think we should definitely start with this hot maori guy! :)

  • Danielle Yearack

    @Geri Shallcross-Kendall, ah Geri, you are totally awesome! I giggled when I read your comment! :) This guy is hot, as are a couple of the other men I found and posted in that board. Do you have a Facebook page? I do. You should friend request me.