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To be truly free

Close your eyes and face the wind; imagine what it must feel like to be flying on wings of your very own!

885 Pins

Find Stillness in Movement


Spirit Guide by Anne Stokes (Shop)

Anne Stokes Greeting cards

body paint

Raven by Angirias

Antique Design - Ворон.

Atonement by anotherwanderer on deviantART

Atonement by anotherwanderer on deviantART


gorgeous face and leg markings

a lot of tack for those polo horses!

Jason Chan Art: Overdue Magic: The Gathering Update

Lady Sif by HiOutsider-Studio on deviantART

It's National Novel Writing Month, so WRITE ALREADY.

Hero's Journey Chart - Use with any book or movie!

That last one: finish something. Absolutely, doesn't matter what it is or how small it is, that feeling of knowing you've finished a project is great.

The 10 Worst Story Openings {how not to start your novel} Adresses some of the most common *facepalm* moments that writers and readers face.

Stressed-Out Characters – Just the Way We Want Them--Guest Post by Diane Krause -Using the Birkman Method

How to Write a Novel (with Examples, Brainstorm Help, and More!) - wikiHow #writing

If the end of a book does not please the reader, the story might not remain in the readers’ heart. The end is a very important part of a novel and it remains in the reader’s heart when the story finishes. Check out these 5 different types of endings. *

Plot twists can bring a whole new dimension to your story. But done with less finesse than not, they can also submarine the whole thing.

Black Swan by tincek-marincek

The Twelve Character Archetypes. One character does not have to be a single archetype.

Illustration by Anna Dittmann.

100 ways to say Great