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I like the cut - too light of a color for me. Long Brown Nicole Richie Hair With Highlight

Short Bob Nicole Richie Hair

Classy updo with twist of "it only took me 5 minutes"

Green eye makeup! Rosy toned neutrals look great for green eyes!

I've been doing this every day for like a month. lol.

How To: Top Knot. She explains it quickly and so well! Oh my goodness this is the PERFECT messy bun!

where to apply highlighter

One pinned said: I own this and it works freaking MIRACLES: my hair isn't damaged at all but it makes it 10 times softer than it was before. I'm always getting compliments on how soft my hair is:-

Simple and natural makeup ... mascara, eyeliner, foundation, eye shadow and lip gloss... classy

Easy Loose Waves Inspired by Emily Maynard and Khloe Kardashian