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Ellen's Good News

Inspiring, heartwarming, and just good stories and photos from Ellen's Good News page.

These Brits stripped down for a good cause

Donate to provide free showers to the homeless living in San Francisco

This Boston Bombing Couple finally found their happy ending

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Kindness Confessions: Father-in-law

  • Carolyn Clayton

    When I was a little girl my Dad took me shopping to find a Birthday gift for a party I was to attend. It was winter time and a cold, wet snow was coming down. While shopping, my blue collar father of eight met a co-worker and his three sons. The kids had old sneakers on their feet. The shoes were falling apart and full of holes. Before leaving the store Dad bought each of the boys a pair of boots.

New Jersey couple celebrates their long overdue wedding

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The Honor System actually works!

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Inspire others to do good

Couple embraces following proposal

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New Jersey firefighters show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Check out the Pink Helmet Posse.

  • Cleo Jones

    Helmets rules.

  • Gail Brown

    True, my girl was a tomboy, now she is a 25 yr old roller derby skater, and 2nd degree blackblack. YOu don't mess with her. lol

How this celebrity couple got married for $142.

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