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Ellen's Good News

Inspiring, heartwarming, and just good stories and photos from Ellen's Good News page.

Inspirational Post-Its Will Encourage You to Be a ‘Superfly Success Machine’

Stranger Foots the Bill for Lucky Grocery Store Customers

Sunroof Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to This Dog

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Everybody Who’s Anybody Was at This Little Boy’s Piano Recital

Baby Is Taking Full Advantage of Dog’s Massage

A Selfie… or a Dream?

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This Whale Is the Last One Who Should Be Giving Directions

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Who Knew What a Kid with a Lemonade Stand Could Do?

  • Kim Johnson

    So awesome that he did this for his friend! And that Ellen noticed!! So cool!

  • Penny

    Makes me smile that he wanted to help his friend, I knew Ellen would recognize his efforts too.

  • Kara Moore

    If you like this story, check out my friend Keith's ice cold lemonade stand on Facebook. He has cerebral palsy and has been raising money for the local special needs school that he used to attend. Great kid and story as well!

Don’t Cry Kid, Disney World Is a Happy Place

One Act of Kindness to Go!

Photographer Stumbles Upon Whale’s Underwater Adventure

'Game of Thrones' Fans Pledge Their Love for the Show (and Each Other!) at the Altar

  • Stas Riehm

    How awkward for Khal Drogo and Ygritte. Back from the dead just to watch Dany and Jon get married.

Artist Gives a New Face to the World Cup – Her Own!

Daughter Ingeniously Scores Her Dad Extra Vacation Days at Google

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This amazing man risked his family's only vehicle to save a kitten.

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This Hedgehog Is Living a Way More Adventurous Life Than Most of Us

‘Metal Dad’ Makes Being a Stay-at-Home Dad Rock

Adorable Wisconsin Couple Gets a Big Surprise

Bronx Man Cashes In His 401K to Save Animals

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You Can’t Say This Kid Didn’t Try

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This Kitten Finally Gets a Day Job

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Cat Won’t Let Blanket Out of His Sight

Pay-It-Forward Line Proves Coffee Tastes Better When It’s Served with Kindness

  • Stephanie DeMarzo

    This happened to me a few weeks ago! It was the greatest thing ever! I didn't actually think things like that happened! I hope it continued way passed my order!

  • Tammy Fortner

    5 people went through before me that continued to pay it forward. when it got to the car in front of me she said oh okay and drove away.just my luck.

  • Marieliz Andujar

    Middle one please

  • Janice Linehan

    Someone did this for me at Starbucks. I never heard of pay it forward, I now know what it means so I have payed it forward for someone else.

  • Carrie Cooper

    Suspended coffees on Facebook! Check them out! Great movement to be a part of

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Seattle Hero Will Have Dream Wedding, Thanks to Generous Strangers

Elephants Discover a Whole New Use for Tires