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From Oh Hair No to Hot Glam Girl, Ellen's got your daily dose of funny photos right here.

Now that's a true friend

Happy April Fools Day!

  • Becky Kiser

    That man better start running - he's dead!!!

  • Deb Phillips

    Bet it didn't wash off.

  • Melissa Oakley

    Smh. I know it didn't wash off. Probably took a few days lol

  • Sara Pruner

    My guess is she's in one it and it's not permanent marker on her face. He's just hold one to make you think it is.

  • Heidi

    One day it's April first the next you're being served with divorce papers

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Laughter is all the cardio you need.

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Hot glam for the cam

  • Daizy Wood Rowe

    I don't get it. Why is this funny?

  • Erin Wright

    I think it's just a chuckle at the past... what was seen as "glamorous" a couple of decades ago. I remember thinking those women looked like luxury models. Now, the style is a bit silly. I don't think anyone is laughing at the appearance of the woman... just a chuckle at our old sense of style.

  • Busta

    I agree. I too thought these woman looked beautiful. It's just weird to see this kind of pic brought out again. You don't see too many pics like this these days.

  • Erin Wright

    No, thankfully!!

  • Tegdirb D

    @Andrea Naimon why the FUCK would u send me this

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Hot Glam Fam

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Stay warm and look cool with this bizarre product

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How to make the World Series fun, even if you don't follow baseball

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What a great birthday present

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Perception Over Reality

He knows their music like the back of his head

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Blending In

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Fuzzy Bikini

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Can you spot her brother?

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The VMAs were ca-razy.

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You'd look like that too, if you were about to be a fajita.

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She's not clowning around.

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Sir, Drew Brees is on the back of your head.

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Whoever buys this house has incredible taste!

He found his special mermaid

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