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Sophia Grace & Rosie

Pictures from when Ellen's dynamic duo visits, and all the different tutus and tiaras they wear.

Get Sophia Grace & Rosie's Book, "Show Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie"

Get Sophia Grace & Rosie's Book
  • Devon ✞ W

    Omgosh i need this!! I saw their katy perry dark horse performance on your show!! Cant wait for the sophia grace and rosie movie!! Ellen should have a "comments on pinterest" segments..... I would be on here almost every time!! xD

  • Courtney Dolwick

    I love Sophia Grace and Rosie

  • Diana Frazier

    I hope I live long enough to see the playback of the "vintage" footage of the first performance on Ellen with N.M.

  • Brissa Caraveo

    What channel does ellen show come out on

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"If I see a shark, I'll just punch it in the face." --Rosie, on swimming in the ocean

Quote of the Day: Sharks

Sophia Grace & Rosie Get Slimed!

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Sophia Grace & Rosie met Vince Vaughn!

Ellen's 10th Season

The dynamic duo was here to perform Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop"

Ellen's 10th Season
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Sophia Grace and Rosie with Katy Perry

Backstage at Ellen - Season 10
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Sophia Grace and Rosie with Drake

Backstage at Ellen - Season 10
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Sophia Grace and Rosie on the red carpet with Ed Sheeran

Backstage at Ellen - Season 10

Sophia Grace & Rosie at their book signing

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Sophia Grace & Rosie have a new book!

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The girls at the Matterhorn.


    i JUST lOVE THEM. Ellen your such a good person. They love you to death. so sweet .

  • Chrysalis White

    These girls are so adorable you just want to eat them up whenever you see them.... I cant wait for that little Rosie to start opening up more!!! They are going to be so popular among their age and younger!!!! So cute

  • Connie Hurrle

    So cute and funny too!

  • Jeanna Yates

    Can i just say, i am so glad you found these two girls. They, as well as you, make my mom and me so happy! Talk about great kids, with a bright future!

  • Mia E

    Just keep scrubbing mater he will love it

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Check Out Cars Land

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Sophia Grace & Rosie visit Dodger Stadium!

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Russell Brand

  • Tracy Daugherty

    These little girls are so funny! Cute too!!!

  • Myrtice Chavis

    Russell was so funny with the girls that day. I laughed so hard. I just love them. Wish you could have them on every day.

  • Kiara Church

    "Sophia-Grace, describe everything youve ever thought." "PINK!" "GOOD GIRL!" *Ellen almost falls out of her seat laughing* *everyone almost falls out of their seats laughing*

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Throwing out the ceremonial 1st pitch at the Dodgers game.

  • Barbara Garner

    Ok No Problem--- However you can still get petti skirts from several designers. Several companies do triple and Quad layers. May need to look more on the internet.... Plus did not say she made your skirts.... Read the post--- Merely stating you can get Petti Skirts there also... Wow Careful

  • Hailey Nelson

    I hate their accent and theway they dress and why copy nikki m their is only one of u im

  • Hailey Nelson

    Be YOU NOT someone else! I cant stand them

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Nicki Minaj gives Sophia Grace & Rosie some advice.

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Sophia Grace & Rosie make a drawing for Ellen!

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Nicki Minaj and Sophia Grace & Rosie reunite!

  • camille horvitz

    Nicki I love you, aren't those little girls the greatest they need to hurry back on the shoe

Sophia Grace and Rosie on the Grammys red carpet!

  • Myrtice Chavis

    So Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francine Coleman

    Rosie is adorbs. Sophie Grace and her spoiled brat piggy face needs to step!

  • Clawdya Childers

    What do yu have against Sophia Grace? She didn't do anything to you.

  • ❤️Įšöbėł Bêčkïtt ❤️

    I like them but I just think they are a bit to spoiled and Sophia grace is older than me (10 1/2) and I'm 1 metre 50

  • TyLiyah Hannah

    Omg cut it those girls are cute they are haveing fun. Life is to short to live ur life as a wanna be =.=. But they need to get over tu tu's. But they are adorable, but there parents should be ashamed alittle becuase they are singing songs my mom and dad say are to innapropiate. And my mom and dad listen to lil wayne and drake and stuff.

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Ellen gives personalized hats to Sophia Grace & Rosie and tWitch.

Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery

In the groove with tWitch.

Ellen DeGeneres Photo Gallery