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Ellen Violette

Ellen Violette

I teach independent professionals, coaches, authors how to transform their businesses their lives by creating an irresistible message brand online with co

How a Great E-book Can Bring in Great Customers

Today only! $720 in free gifts with purchase of this simple easy-to-implement ebook on Social Media from expert Deb Scott!

31 Percent of Daily E-Book Sales Are Now by Self-Published Authors!

#1 Reason Your Title is Killing Your eBook or Book Sales If you're getting bad reviews, too many refunds, or just not making the sales, this could be the reason!

How Much Should You Charge As A Freelance Writer?

Blogging Success Tips From a Leading Sales Expert

ellenv: show you how to write a quick nonfiction ebook for $5, on

Headlines vs. Titles

  • Ellen Violette

    New blog post on the differences between headlines and titles and how to know how to write each one.

9 Tips for Writing An Effective Good tips but I would not ask just ask my audience what they want because it's inaccurate. And I NEVER have my clients research before writing because many can't stop once they start, and much of what they research they will never use. My writing programs have a very high success rate so I know this strategy works. For free resources and to learn more go to www.theebookcoach...

National Writing Project - Google+ Support writing in the schools!

Fact: Self-publishing my non-fiction as ebooks makes sense and reading this you might discover why it would make sense for you too!

To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. Our friends from Atlanta headed to the airport at 4:30 am today; two ladies I was schooled by (so they have a couple of years on me) who out-walked, out-shopped, and out-drank me their entire visit in Hungary. There are two reasons for …

You can be a victim or you can be rich, but you can’t be both. Listen up! Every time, and I mean every time, you blame, justify, or complain, you are slitting your financial throat.

Dominate the News Feed with these Facebook Tips

How Brands Are Using Promotions to Market on Pinterest from Mashable More: Content Marketing Strategies

Customer loyalty can make or break your business. www.starrynightso...

How To Get More Likes And Comments On Facebook: www.allfacebook.c... Exceptional article, jam-packed with useable tips and techniques!!! Kudos to author Brian Carter. :)

New blog series on the biggest fears authors face! Thinking your not an expert and why you are 100% wrong about this!

  • Ellen Violette

    I have identified 8 major fears that I see authors struggle with that need to be handled in order for authors to succeed. This series will explore what they are and how to handle them. This is part 1 of the series.

Kindle is not enough? Different opinions on this; interesting article.

Wish you could get more Facebook Likes? As a Facebook Page admin, you work hard to create great content – too hard to post and see it fall flat! The answer is fairly simple, and the same technique works to get more comments and shares. This s

ellenv: show you how to write great ebook and book titles for $5, on

ellenv: show you how to write great ebook and book titles for $5, on

Cookies and pink and polka dot! Stop and have tea with your precious pink people.

(The Unofficial) Facebook Page Post Ads Guide for News Feed

The Structure of Persuasive Copy