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Let’s face it: Most of us think Feng Shui is synonymous with moving furniture. But Feng Shui specialist Ellen Whitehurst has updated this ancient art form and given it her own unique spin. The result is “Lucky Day Shui,” which is based on her more than twenty years of training and expertise in Feng Shui, aromatherapy, and other modes of holistic healing. What’s more, this approach is a breeze to incorporate into your life, and there’s no heavy lifting required!

In order to manifest anything you MUST connect and FEEL the emotion as if you've already received what you are asking for. For the next few days embrace this F.S. Shinn affirmation and really BELIEVE what you're saying. Connect and FEEL the emotion of this belief and of these words! Act 'as if' - fake it 'till you make it! Say and see this as your reality! "I dwell in a sea of abundance. I see clearly my inexhaustible supply. I see clearly just what to do." Yes, yes, YOU can see clearly now!

Here's what I know is lucky - research shows that if you actually play your numbers and don't let the machines 'quick pick' them for you, you have a statistically higher chance of winning! What are YOUR lucky numbers - quick - listen to what your gut says and then go play them!

The Pi Yao is called the 'gambler's god' in Eastern Traditions and is believed to bring wealth from any arena but especially from playing the lottery. Many who employ the Pi Yao to offer an assist when playing gambling games of chance will put their tickets or a symbol representing future winnings UNDER the Pi Yao to make sure that their largesse puts them over the moon!

The golden infinity symbol also represents the number '8' on its side. That number, according to the Feng Shui tradition, signifies and brings money when this image is placed in your wallet or in your WEALTH area (back left hand corner of the main floor!) Use this symbol to attract and invite big wealth into your life and abundance into your home!

Once you've bought your lottery ticket, ages-old 'secret' winning tips tell you to keep a 'lucky' charm on top of the ticket until the numbers are officially chosen. I use my 'Good Fortune Coin Cure' but you can use ANY luck related talisman or charm! Accent on the word 'luck!'

  • Christine Bode

    I just noticed that my cousin Susan sells those coins at her store, The Purple Door, in Kingston, so I'm going to pick some up and start buying lottery tickets!! Thanks Ellen!

  • angie rivera

    buying me one

Feng Shui says that whenever you want to ensure success for any endeavor - like playing the lottery maybe - you should take action during the lucky hours of 11 -1 (AM or PM!)