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DIY Photography Planner by Ready Freddie Studios Free Client Workflow Template Download Now!

DIY Photography Planner

Photography Finances and Calculating Studio Profits

Photography Finances and Calculating Studio Profits

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Should You Include Digital Files in Your Photography Packages

on the left is a wide-angle shot (28mm) and on the right a longer shot (85mm). this is a good example of why to use long lenses for portraits (above 50mm). it's so much more flattering.

5 ways to organize your photography business and your life | Photography Business Planner

photography pricing guide and why you should schedule post-shoot viewing and ordering

3 Things I Screwed Up in My New Photography Business

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The Successful Photographer’s Mantra by Design Aglow #photogpinspiration

Using a few examples, this article communicates how photographers and other artists can improve their client experience and get more client referrals (via Steel Toe Images)