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MA sequential design/illustration

A collection of images forming part of my research towards my MA. I have written a series of short stories (for adults or older children) using everyday objects as the starting point for each one. I have tried to precede each image description with the title of the story I think it relates to. I've also tried to include key words that I feel summarize the various themes of each story.

University of brighton Degree SHow 'Up and Beyond' Caroline J Allen - 'boring is brilliant' VR Jewllery Book71

Flying Houses6

It's a wine label - I just like the design (I'm looking for interesting typefaces/design)

Jason Schulmann - A piece of my father

I've included this because I like the object itself, the mobile, and in tutorials I've discussed the idea of making the object before writing the story, rather than the other way around. A mobile could also relate to childhood (Floods story), or with this particular image, the magpie quality of an object (for Green Elastic or Scissors story) - it's a very attractive object, I think because of its gold colour and its movement. (image source: debbie powell)

Like the mobile this could relate to childhood (Floods story). I like how simple this is - it is like a child's drawing.

Trousseau: I haven't written a story called Trousseau, but I'm playing with the idea of including one, or using the idea of the Trousseau as an umbrella for the project. (Source: A young photographer of a bit over 20 years old cleans up in the old family villa - and finds a trousseau of 14 high fashion robes of his grandmother. This is particularly wonderful - and even more as this young man is the sond of Lucchino Visconti and grandson of Carla Erba.)

Green Elastic: Tangles, threads, getting lost.