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Products I Love

75 Pins

let me get this straight...a candle...that...smells like books....hmmmm I WANT ONE

Is this really a thing??

Wanted: 'The Princess Bride' Monopoly

Funny I Miss You Card - I Really Miss You, But Probably Not as Much as You Miss Me. Im Pretty Awesome. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Friend.

High-tech cooler, The Coolest Cooler, pulls in more than $10.5 million on Kickstarter. See if it's really that cool:

Fancy-pants cooler captures Kickstarter funding crown - CNET

gift for me. get this for me.

Sombrero Juicer

Forget frosted--the IceLiners Kickstarter project wants to ice the inside of your glass

IceLiners ice the inside of your drinking glass - CNET

Things i need: yoga mat, Bosu Ball, Lebert Equalizer, Plyo box/ step, kettle ball/ medicine ball

30 Things You NEED In Your Home Gym

Eye Mask. Various Prints. Cotton Voile.

Alternative tablet keyboards (pictures) - CNET

Alternative tablet keyboards (pictures) - CNET

This is awesome! A couple sleeping pads and some sleeping bags and you're good to go! No worries about rain pooling under your tent because you didn't realize you'd set up in a dip.

This is kind of genius

Baja Blanket Car Front Seat Cover

A freshly published patent describes a way to let you correct any mistakes in a text message after you send it but just before it's actually sent.// anyone that texts me knows that I need this. too bad I don't have an IPhone

want. someone make this for me

holy, i want this so much

I like this idea, but I'd want grey scraps, like my old grey tshirts. and also tons of time, i'd need tons of time.

Crazy Old Ladies Quilts

Bad. Ass. Shit.

Wine ice cream. 5% alcohol. This will revolutionize break-ups and girls' nights.

Yum: Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream 5% Alco - Pink Swag

Adventure Time

Typewriter Keyboard.

When your TOMS get worn, cut them into sandals. Awesome

Minnesota Twins toaster. Yep.