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Titanic Fact #19: The Titanic had 48 ring bouys (lifebouys) dispensed around the ship.

Titanic newspaper report on the women and children survivor's health.

Electric Bath on the Titanic

Survivors of Titanic – Family Group, Credit Library of Congress, Reproduction #LC-USZ62-34976 This very fortunate family survived the Titanic sinking. Their name isn’t listed on the photograph. It would be interesting to learn what became of them afterwards

Rare Titanic Black Mourning Bear By Steiff. The bear was one of only 600 which were made especially for the British market in May 1912, to show empathy for the loss of the passengers of the R.M.S. Titanic. It is said their eyes were rimmed red to appear as if they had been crying. They were also manufactured with a somber expression.

A rare Steiff black teddy bear | Christie's

Titanic First Class menu.

lostpastremembered: Titanic –– Love, Courage and Apple Meringue

Life jacket from the Titanic.

Titanic’s rudder, there’s a man in the photo to show the scale of it.

Titanic, the Ship that Made her Mark on History!!!

Clinch Valley News, Tazewell, VA, April 26, 1912 Titanic [sic] Death List Appalling

RMS Titanic: 100 Years Later - Titanic [sic] Death List Appalling


Rigel, a big black Newfoundland dog, belonging to First Officer Murdoch, saved the passengers in Life Boat #4. They were drifting in front of the Carpathia, too weak to call out. The dog had swam in the icy water for three hours, probably looking for his master. He was swimming in front of the lifeboat and alerted the Carpathia crew by barking. The boat might not have been rescued if not for the sharp barking of Rigel.

Seven year old Eva Hart survived the #Titanic along with her mother. She became one of the most recognizable figures associated with the disaster, appearing in several forms of media.

Titanic's Infamous Passengers Tell a Tale of Survival

A rare photo of bodies of victims of the Titanic.

The Titanic artifacts were amassed during seven risky and expensive trips to the wreck, in 1987, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2004

Vancouver Titanic survivor Bertha Marshall gave two extensive interviews to The Province about the ordeal before she died. Asked her most vivid memory, she replied: “The lifeboats. Our boat had room for 75 people. There were only 49 aboard — it was wicked.” Photograph by: Files , Library of Congress/The Province

The Olde Barn: RMS Titanic 100 Years

Titanic survivor Albert Caldwell recounts his memories of the disaster for his nephew. Here is the audio account.

Hear a Titanic Survivor Tell His Story

Thomas Andrews, the man who designed Titanic and worked for Harland and Wolff. He was born February 7th 1873 and was 39 at the time of the sinking. He was a man of great dignity and honor, who built a strong ship...a ship that lasted an hour more than he predicted her to live. He died that night, on the ship he created.

Titanic Passengers

Artifacts from the Titanic

A purser's tag recovered from the RMS Titanic wreckage.

Titanic artifacts auction

Turkish Baths, one of the most well-perserved rooms in the Titanic.

Nich About Town: RMS Titanic - A Blogger's Tribute