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"Luminescence Peacock" Tea Set at Horchow

Luminescence Peacock Tea Set

Tea Time Dictionary

  • janice richardson

    but it was the poor that this 'tea' was a revolution for, it became a hot meal at what we in England sometimes refer to 'teatime' which is a hot meal anytime from 4pm to about 7 which is the same time that most well to do households still took afternoon tea which was taken by them to keep hunger at bay until 'dinner' which was taken from 8pm.... in the

  • janice richardson

    well to do families this was the order of meals for the day, breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and finally supper usually around midnight, you have to understand that the Ladies of the era of proper afternoon teas would have breakfast in bed, then they would rise in time for elevenses then the day would progress normally after dinner

  • janice richardson

    they would take in a show etc. then finish the night off with supper at a club and dance till around 4am..... as for the lower class it was simply that if they were lucky they would have breakfast go to work anytime from 5 in the morning break for ten mins lunch then it was teatime when they got home as they would be very hungry, then about 7pm they would be to bed to .

  • janice richardson

    rise for the next day..... you can now I hope understand where 'high tea' came from... it got the high from the fact that the poor sat at the table to eat i.e. seated at a 'dinning' table as did the well off at dinner... all these terms for tea have been messed up by peoples translations and interpretations but as I said, there is only one proper tea time and that is afternoon tea

  • janice richardson

    and after that explanation.... I hope it clears up so mythes about ...."tea time"!

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