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We have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks that you can start trying now.

Cool inventions/ crazy inventions


Just clap your hands listen for the bark. His nose even lights up so you can find him (and your keys) Seriously need this.

Just finished reading Through the Language Glass's Appendix on colors, so looking at this pic now: mind blown.

Rain drum umbrella you would never get me out of the rain ever!

Here you go! Have a great day!!!

The fact that these are being made shows that there's a market for these. Albeit, a small market. Hopefully.

Weird furniture / iFunny :) I don't even understand how to get into the first one...

DIY Book Clutch Tutorial from Caught on a Whim here. Really clear tutorial and you can leave the book as is or cover it with fabric. For more book clutch DIYs including a roundup go here:

The Ostrich Pillow let's you take power naps on the go! Is it awful that I can totally see myself using all the time even in public? Is it even more terrible that I'm seriously considering buying one? Ill be THAT GIRL.

Architecture student Hank Butitta converted old school bus into a 225 square foot mobile home with small kitchen, living room, and bedroom.