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Doctor Who love

Homemade Tardis bookcase! I'm thinking I just need a Doctor Who room. It starts with a Tardis door, then when you walk in, its like the set of Doctor Who

♥♥ Nine, Ten, Eleven, & Twelve

I love this quilt. I really really like the star pattern. Archiving this for a later date.

TARDIS Quilt | MAKE: Craft

thegorgonist: The Doctor’s Wife Finally unveiling my tribute to a very moving episode of our beloved Doctor Who! A departure in style from ...

Massive 'Doctor Who' plot points that are never discussed again. Sometimes 'Doctor Who' will just drop a bomb on audiences... and then never mention it again

Massive Doctor Who plot points that are never discussed again

Matching Outfits by luluha.deviantart... on @deviantART

Matching Outfits by luluha on deviantART

I hope someday to meet you in glory of battle where I will crush the life from your worthless human form! ...Sugar?

Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen

Doctor Who watch.

Doctor Who Wristwatches for Real Timelords

Doctor Who Tardis Duvet Set

Doctor Who Tardis Double Duvet Set

"You realize that River knows what's about to happen to him. She knows Eleven is near his end & she's saying goodbye, not just to the Doctor, but to HER Doctor, the one who was there her whole life, who loved her and saved her. And I think she's also saying our goodbye for us. Matt: How do I say goodbye? Whovians: Say it like you're going to come back. Matt: Well then. See you around. Whovians: Until the next time, Doctor