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Memorial Tattoos

Many people memorialise their lost loved ones in tattoo form, but picking one image or one quote can be a difficult task, here are some beautiful examples of memorial tattoos

All good things come to an end

in memory of her grandmother

Tattoo on my foot in honor of my cousin Nick D. Ibarra who died March 3, 2009 of alcohol poison. His birthday was yesterday, he would have been 28. The feather is a phoenix feather to symbolize eternity and rebirth. What is means to me, is that even though he is gone, his memory will always been with my family. Both his good decisions and his bad.

"To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die"

"ps you will always be my baby girl." - This girl got this tattoo in memory of her father who passed away. She found an old card and wanted to get this tattoo in his hand writing.

shoulder, beautiful

memorial tattoo

A British Soldier.... the names are other fallen soldiers, we will be blogging about this later

memorial to his dog

Memorial to Dog – Tattoo Picture at