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Gifts Under $10

Want to spend a little, but give a gift that does a lot? Give the gift of preparedness and spend less than $10 with these great gift ideas.

Emergency Essentials Holiday Gift Guide for gifts less than $10

Mini AM/FM Pocket Radio with Speaker

Caramel Yogurt Bites. Share a delicious treat and the message of preparedness with family and friends. You can eat them right from the can, or reconstitute for the consistency of fresh yogurt. $9.95

Katadyn Micropur water treatment tablets (20-pack). Each tablet treats 1 quart of water. Effective against viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and giardia. $8.95

Deluxe Sanitation and Water Kit. Store up to 5 gallons of water in this metalized bag in a box. When the water is gone, the box can be lined with a bag and used as an emergency toilet. $7.95

Deluxe Sanitation and Water Kit

Spark-lite Firestarter. Includes a spark wheel and flint lighter, 8 fire tabs, and instructions packed in a small plastic container. $6.95

LED Glow Flashlight. Works as a flashlight, glow stick, and emergency flasher. Flashes for over 400 hours. Storage compartment in handle for carrying additional items. $6.95

Chicken Alfredo (2-person pouch). Just add water to this pre-cooked freeze-dried meal, and you can eat right out of the pouch! Great for the outdoors and emergencies. $6.95

Chicken and White Bean Chili. Mountain House just-add-water meals are a favorite of outdoorsy types and preppers. $6.95

New Orleans Style Rice with Shrimp and Ham (2-person pouch). Pre-cooked and freeze-dried. Keep them at home, in an emergency kit, or take them on the trail. $6.50