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Getting Blurred Christmas Light Pictures {Camera Settings} - just practiced and it works great! Can't wait to get some of the kids in their jammies tonight!

I used to use this trick with my starter camera's pop up flash. I use a speedlight now, but this is a great thing to know how to do for more natural looking light. How to use a business or index card to bounce light up to create a nice overall illumination, while some of the light penetrates directly through the card, disperses and lights the subject from the front.

How to take better pics in front of your Christmas tree.-- Use the Av mode (set it to the smallest number) and turn off your flash

Photos of kids with lights - how to

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Lifestyle Photography Challenge ~ learn more about "Lifestyle Photography", and how you can set yourself apart from your competition, from guest contributor Nicola Toon of Hulahoop Childrens Photography.

Lighting setups to use at home, along with tips on exposure, flash, accessories and more.

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using dodge and burn to add contours to face.