That's so awesome

His Mom Cried So Hard This Morning

Whoever said 'there's no crying over spilled milk' has clearly never been a breastfeeding mother. It's a freaking tragedy.

Laughed so fricken hard!!

Wi-Fi Zone... - The Meta Picture

I uh punched him and he let me go........tell me there is no time in your life you swim faster than when a freakin shark lets you go.

Man punches shark…

This isn't supernatural related but it is lol

When Someone Calls Me For A Morning Run…

Hopefully not me in a few months...

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 69 Pics

this is how i feel when i walk through Walmart or the mall...

berry-break-12 : theBERRY

Maybe you should stop being a whore.

Avengers bloopers. Thor. Oh my god. I can't breathe I am laughing so hard x'D


Rare Celebrity Photographs [46 Photos] : theChobble

I laughed so hard at this one

I laughed so hard at this one - 9GAG

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