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5 Moves to Minimize Your Muffin Top: If that bit of flesh that hangs over your jeans is nagging you to work out, we have a handful of moves to help tone your muffin top.

5 Moves to Minimize Your Muffin Top

To do it, stand straight while holding eight-to-10-pound weights in both hands. Bend one leg slightly at the knee and then slowly pitch forward as you lift your leg up straight behind you. Return to standing, and repeat. "This is a great lower-body strengthener, as well as a toner — keep it to 12 to 15 reps for a great workout for your hamstrings and glutes."

Fiercely Fit: 10 Ways To Max Out Your Workout

Meal Prep Day, Clean Eating, Body Building Diet. Need to do this. I love my freezer meals but this would be great for lunches!

Las Vegas Food Photographer: Cindy Larkin: Food Prep Day

Our Yoga for runners routine. Get the full routine here -

Twitter / BeFitMotivation: Sexy Legs workout ...

Twitter / BeFitMotivation: Sexy Legs workout ...

From Dork to Diva: Squat :: EXCELLENT site to teach women good form for lifting, and how to meet their goals - tone or build

From Dork to Diva: Squat

Dynamic Pyramid Workout - good to work into some weight lifting

Dynamic Pyramid Workout

If you've never lifted weights before, but want to, this workout plan is designed specifically for YOU. It'll help lay a foundation, build strength and endurance, and shape a body that's well on its way toward ELITE STATUS.

Nutritionist in the Kitch. This is a great blog to fallow in order to stay up to date with healthy and delicious recipes.

Clean eating, flexible dieting, & lifting weights. 16 week ab progress!

This is my lifting plan, and so far I'm in love with it. Simple, effective, not time consuming.

I (Necia) did this arm workout routine several years ago, and holy crap did it tone my arms! So glad I found it again!

Runners World motivational poster: I am a runner. I am strong. Nothing can stop me. Nothing. Unless my iPod dies.

Week 2: A WOD for Every Week Day. I think I'll do standing-lunge Russian twists instead of the regular RTs, since I feel them more than the ones done on the floor...

BOSU Workouts - worth pinning just for the burpee one. And squats on the ball side? Elementary... :)