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The Best 5 Fall Soup Recipes - Although I will stick with Julia Child's French Onion Soup recipe, these are great for fall, winter, or whenever you want good,hearty soup.

Destines for greatness.

The BEST Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe Ever! I'm going to try & make them just like my Mother-In-Laws Mom made it! :)

True love ecard

Live every day of your life like it is a special occasion.

lovely lotus pink dress

Kid-Friendly Menu: Oat-Crusted Chicken Tenders Recipe *Make your own oat flour from regular oatmeal!*

To Accept that things are Different - Greys Anatomy

www.housewivesofr... show how they took this small room and turned it into a showroom! Come check it out!

having balance between the two can be positive but others don't understand when it's time to be one or the other.

I literally couldn't have said it better myself... I wish I didn't push you so hard

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is. Our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble.

God loves and uses imperfect people. We all make mistakes. But because Jesus died and rose from the grave, every mistake we will make or ever make has been paid in full. Don’t let shame and guilt keep you from receiving God’s love any longer.

Great diagram on how to strengthen wrists and avoid wrist pain.

Thinkin I want to do my whole arm!

Tattoo's / Female sleeve tattoo

Culinary school is out...foodie business in this small town not thriving, searching for my purpose.