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watercolor feather tattoo

beautiful, from tumbler

Feather tattoo. Perfect.

Water color feather

My tooth tattoo! I got this for three reasons: Teeth are adorable Ill be going to school for dental hygiene in a year The bow makes it look sweet, making it a sweet tooth which perfectly describes my candy obsession! Done by Mick at Kaotic Creationz in Aurora, IL.

Feather Tattoo ♥ The indian side of me ^_^

This is bad ass I wanted to get something like this cause I have an orchid on my ribs and wanted something connecting goin down my thigh

To get skinny so that a side tattoo will look awesome... If I got the courage of course.

Compass clock tattoo I want something like this but saying something to the effect of "be the one to guide me,i run on your clock."

Hip Tattoos (The pics are a little small on the web page but are cool and cute!)

I love to run so I got this tattoo for my 17th birthday. Running will always be a part of my life and staying fit

32 Cool Octopus Tattoo Design: Unique Octopus Tattoo Design For Women ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

Will look great once it's colored in.The design is very well done and has a lot of potential to really pop with color. Not to mention it's on hip.

PERFECT! The exact places I want tattoos

Love the tattoo around the boob

This is exactly what I was looking for, for my cover up. Same placement, same area, same detail. Thank god for Pinterest :) I'll be taking this picture to the parlor.

Skull Rose Tattoo that I would love to have as a sleeve. Have 4 or 5 of these going down my arm... YUSSS!!!! I think so.

crystal rose heart crystals skunk crystal octopus burning bridge all seeing eye rose indian skull feathers arrow girl head yellow rose cheetah girl sailor moon tattoo Skeleton Rose hunter and fox custom tattoo sydney tattoo australia instagram demi tattoo

pocket watch clock and rose tattoo: similar to what I want next, but with a compass instead of a watch

Stacey it's your tat. Even has the Roman numerals :) @Stacey McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie May

Since I've been running every day for the past 6 months I think it's about time to get my thigh tattoo :)