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Music Education Ideas

Ideas for my 1-6 General Music students. Note: I pin, then go to the sites to check them out. Some pins are definitely better than others.

layering vocal ostinati with corresponding gesture. Any theme

Music teachers as well as other special area teachers are being strongly encouraged to incorporate more and more writing into their lessons and cur...

Music Writing Prompts for the Elementary Music Classroom

Use in the music classroom. Put different movement vocabulary, locomotor and non-locomotor.

Miss Smartie Pants!: Brain Breaks FREEBIE!!!

bim bum hand clapping game - link to youtube video directions

Music teacher blog

Mrs. King's Music Room

Minion singing posture poster!! This is perfect for learning posture and presence while your singing!

Notable Music Studio: Blog that is full of exciting musical games and activities to enhance the music curriculum. MUST EXPLORE! (Also includes links to many other great resources.)

Notable Music Studio

The solfege warm-ups could be adapted to fit with the particular music that is being rehearsed, as an initiating activity.

"Circus Horses" a great movement activity for fast and slow movements

Apps to Support the Kodaly Method via @wrightstufmusic <<he's a great teacher!

Apps to Support the Kodaly Method

What do you do when children in your preschool or kindergarten class don't like to sing fun songs?

beginning of the year procedures checklist

Mandy's Tips for Teachers: Procedures, Procedures

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, the students in my music classes designed Suessical Musical Instruments

creative movement guidelines...good read! #elmused

Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template

Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template

Leigh Ann Garner: Purposeful, Practical, Playful: The Three P's of Upper Elementary Music!

Create Your Own Musical Instrument! Common Core Aligned! CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.3.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. Students love this activity! Works well with any music, rhythm, or instrumental unit. Also great for substitute teachers to use or for Fun Fridays!

Music Activities: Design Your Own Musical Instrument!

13 Movement Activities with Stretchy Band

Group Movement Activities with Bear Paw Creek's Stretchy Band

Audacity Tips Part 5: How to Remove Vocals From A Song Midnight Music

How to remove vocals from a song using Audacity | Midnight Music

{freebie} Posters of 6 famous patriotic songs for you classroom!

A Burst of First: OH SAY CAN YOU SEE