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They found us, Harry…

They found us, Harry…

Harry Potter wedding cake.

The other day we posted the Back to the... | The Orange Links

DIY Clothes Refashion : DIY Fabric Panel Shorts with No Sewing... if i were just a tiny bit nerdier i would totally do this.

Frozen on Facebook, DYING LAUGHING! But look away if you don't want to spoil the movie ;)

The Four Founders: Harry Potter Prequel....We should all spread this around and demand it! It will be such an overwhelming idea that they will have to produce it!!!!

Jeremy Renner really nailed the look…

I also called that Hans was evil from the beginning. Not sure why that wasn't obvious to some people.

Stan Lee in Iron Man's armor room. This is just about too much awesome for one picture.

Harry Potter Book Movie Title Inspired Potter Head Pullover Hoodie on Etsy, $34.99

Harry Potter Facts #131 Emma Watson is one of the few people I'd let budge me in line for a Harry Potter book. Anyone else gets an elbow to the face.

One of the greatest episodes of "Doctor Who"- Martha makes Harry Potter references throughout the whole episode. FANDOM OVERLOAD!!

Harry Potter... the exceptions. Teared up at the Slytherin one :(

Harry Potter teaches us everything we need to know……hahahahahahaha OHMEGOD! this is amazingly true