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I'm thinking I will forever be too chicken to dye my hair. But, this is a beautiful high/low light combo.

A few different easy hair ideas! I need cute, but easy, ways to style my hair.

Start with a waterfall braid, take the pieces that hang down and braid them. Continue with a french braid using the braids hanging from the waterfall braid as your added in sections. Gorgeous results..

100 hairstyles every women should now read later..

Create this beautiful twist in a few simple steps with this great video tutorial!

Waterfall braid how-to.

I can do this! Nice up-do for the ladies tired of the norm... looks fairly easy, spray (or lightly wax) damp hair before curling on medium to small rollers making sure the top curlers pull the roots upwards. Dry completely (that's normally where I fail), then loosen in a coil, don't "unroll". Spray for lift and loosely french twist it. CUTE!

A curling tutorial with a method I have NEVER seen before. And frankly, this woman is a flippin' genius.

messy bun tricks: I need these! i love messies