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a picture is a 1000 words

267 Pins

a picture is a 1000 words

  • 267 Pins

Baby monkey!!!!!

Adorable Baby Monkeys

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. Roermond, NL, 1888

This little puppy stayed home: | 20 Puppies Cuddling With Their Stuffed Animals During Nap Time

20 Puppies Cuddling With Their Stuffed Animals During Nap Time

Love is a universal language,This picture is absolutely precious! ♥

(100+) Tumblr

Only the most presh thing ever

A baby elephant's first mud bath by © Mike Dexter/Solent News Photo Agency. °

Baby elephant mud bath…

Faith In Humanity Restored - 30 Pics

Faith In Humanity Restored - 30 Pics

Yogini reflecting in the sand.

Shiva Rea :: About :: Photo Gallery

Elephants have been known to die of broken hearts if a mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lay down, shedding tears until they starve to death. They refuse all human help. Scientists are beginning to believe that animals do have emotions and that their feelings may be more intense and unfiltered than our own.

So sweet!

This is possibly the best thing ever.


The radiant beauty of nature is breathtaking


Interspecies Love

This mynah bird has got people talking - by becoming best pals with a dog. The pair are so inseparable their owner has built a perch so the bird can ride around on the dog's back. Owner Qiao Yu says the animals became best friends after being kept in the same room together at his home in Jinan, in northern China's Shandong Province. He says the dog starts barking if anyone tries to approach the mynah. The mynah returns the favour by catching fleas on the dog and combing its hair while it sleeps.

Tornado at Rome, GA March 2012 - Terrifying.

shooting stars

Did you know?

HAHAHA... ...The smaller cat's face -- priceless!!!!!!!

Funny Pictures : I eat you!

does it get any cuter?!

Europe from space

the best pillow

"um, a little help here?" :) ( cutie)