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Free Superhero Party Printables + Extras!

Superhero birthday cake

Silly string 'spray the bad guy game' - all the fun..! -parents are the bad-guys! the kids would love that!

haha superhero party game idea that involves parents. LOVE THIS. www.spaceshipsand...

Destroy the Bombs: The Super Heroes must save the world by destroying the bombs. -- bombs are just blown up water balloons the kids need to stomp on to "destroy"; then have them continue to save the world by picking up the broken balloon pieces afterward :-)

Paperbox Press Parties: Vintage Comic Superhero Birthday Party - the make-a-mask station is an excellent activity and party favor.

A cityscape for a Batman or superheroes party. Made of felt with tinfoil behind the windows. Great for a photo spot. We had props; masks, costumes, etc.

a pretty cool life.: Easy Sew/No Sew Super Hero Cape Tutorial

Superhero party food ideas - I like the Captain America marshmallow pops

Lots of good ideas for a cheep, outdoor birthday party kids would love. House wouldn't get trashed and you wouldn't break the bank.

cowboy birthday party wild west wanted poster template

Cowboy Birthday # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Cowboy party ideas. Love the wanted poster with the space to put their head. Love the dig for gold game too!! Could use grits instead of dirt to make it more sanitary!! :o}

cowboy birthday party

Cowboy cake (maybe with a little gold sheriff star with a 1 on it for the top)